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The Reason Project

Just subscribed to the Reason Project’s RSS feed. The Reason Project. Posted by Wordmobi Advertisements

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Store on Ovi

Store on Ovi just went live. Seems to work for me in India as well but I’m not planning on buying anything just yet. Ovi is a strange work in progress. For some time, different features had independent logins. Only … Continue reading

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Contacts on Ovi

Okay, I really don’t understand the point of this service. It appears that Nokia expects everyone who uses their phones to sign up for Ovi, and then use this application for instant messaging. Now why anyone would do this is … Continue reading

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Calibre and the Sony PRS-500

Bit the bullet and bought a used PRS-500. Calibre written by Kovid Goyal is much better than the Sony software. And it runs on the Mac, apart from Windows and Linux. What I really like is the ability to carry … Continue reading

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Testing Wordmobi on the Nokia E71

Since I don’t have anything else to do, may as well check this out. Amazingly easy to use. Didn’t expect the camera capability. Posted by Wordmobi

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