Nokia Messaging

Nokia Messaging went out of Beta in Dec. 2008 but it’s behaviour so far is pretty Beta.

When it came out I was on vacation and therefore had a fair amount of time to play with service. Which really means that I got to see its flakey side pretty quickly.

After that, some minor upgrades to the service and/or the client broke my custom domain hosted on Google Apps and none of the quick fixes suggested by other users worked.

I’ve got it fully functional (yet again) and here’s what I’ve figured out about the service and how to get it to work.

First of all you should have a generic gmail or yahoo email id. You should use this to sign up for the service at

Then provision the service by getting the system to send you the download URL via SMS. Trust me, this will save you a lot of pain. The URL obviously is customized for your login and appears to make the client on the phone behave very differently than a straight PC or direct download.

You should now be able to add other regular gmail/yahoo email accounts to the service either from the phone client or from the web based service portal.

Things get interesting if you want to add your own domain. Turns out that the service will do an MX lookup on your domain and has server side rules to configure IMAP or POP settings automatically.

Now if Nokia doesn’t have rules which work for you, you’re out of luck. There’s no obvious way to get under the bonnet and configure these settings but a simple trick lets you do this.

The trick works only on the phone client. Add a new account but misspell your email id. This causes additional fields to show up … The IMAP/SMTP server/port settings … All that should have been made in an expert mode in the first place.

Interesting that this doesn’t work on the web interface. There the email id field is practically write-once, while on the phone client you can edit and correct the misspelled string you had given to trigger this whole process.

All in all a decent service perfectly ruined by some odd user interface decisions.

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