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PC Suite is truly awful

Never really cared about PC Suite but a recent fiasco on my E71 showed me how bad it really is. Since I’m primarily on a Mac, I pretty much manage with iSync and Ovi Sync. Applications are the only ones … Continue reading

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Symbian Botnet?

Apparently some chinese company has successful managed to get Symbian to sign a trojan called Yxe. It’s claimed to form a mobile botnet. The recommended preventive measure of enabling online certificate checking doesn’t work for me. Guess I’ll just stick … Continue reading

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Smartconnect from Birdstep

Smartconnect has been updated. The version seems to much better at using a wifi signal rather than the cellular network compared to the older version. Posted by Wordmobi

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Nokia Messaging

Just a list of what I’d like to see fixed or changed in Nokia Messaging: 1. The ability to configure POP/IMAP/SMTP servers/ports myself. Going by the multiple threads on the Nokia forums, I’m not alone in this. 2. Improvements to … Continue reading

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