An Apple tablet design I’d like to see

The prospects of an Apple tablet seem to be hitting pre-iphone levels. The fact that Apple appears to have staked out the iSlate domain adds to the feeling that this time it’s all going to come together.

What I’d like to see is a large ipod touch-like device, which can dock sideways (landscape mode) for watching movies and for almost laptop type use. All that Apple needs to do is to make sure that it has complete Bluetooth support for an Apple keyboard and mouse.

WIFI of course is required. I don’t particularly care for cellular support as it’s likely to be US centric and we all know what that did to the iphone.

I think OS X in its current Snow Leopard incarnation is almost touch ready so when the device would be undocked, a relatively easy UI change would transform the device to pure tablet mode. Think of how Frontrow transforms an ordinary Mac into a home theater …

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