Nokia Care Centre, CMH Road, Bangalore.

I wrote earlier about Nokia refusing to repair my X6, which failed with a rasterized pixellated screen. They claimed it was physically damaged, while (a) it wasn’t and (b) they could show me no signs of any physical damage.

I asked for a jobsheet to register my complaint and got one. Later I managed to get the phone number of a senior manager in Nokia and got him to have the case revisited. (Emailing the contact link on is of no use, as they’ll just quote garbage from their warranty. Apparently Nokia’s customer care centre employs lawyers full time to look for loopholes.)

So I get a call from the care centre that replacement of the screen has been authorized. A day later I get my phone back, but the IMEI does not match that on the jobsheet. So now the care centre guy says that they replaced the entire phone.

Very nice, but what happens to my Ovi Music downloads? Turns out that’s not a problem, as it’s really still my original phone as all the images and videos are mine. The PC recognizes the device as the same phone. Turns out I don’t have to do anything with Ovi Music as it’s still authorized.

What’s going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on:

They had originally swapped my new phone with another one which actually had a bad screen. They don’t expect most customers to check the IMEI number on receipt, and most are probably just too relieved to get the cellphone “repaired or replaced” that they don’t care what happened. The ploy didn’t work with me as I had kept the original bills, jobsheet, and followed up aggressively with Nokia India.

No wonder they’re losing market share.

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