Ovi Music: review. One word: Rubbish

One of the attractions of the Nokia X6 was the free year’s subscription to Ovi Music Unlimited or whatever they’ve decided to call it this week.

What a load of rubbish … downloads on the PC don’t work. No way to diagnose the problem. You need WMP11, which by all accounts is another pile of steaming rubbish – it’s from MSFT, what do you expect?

Syncronizing music is another nightmare. It never works as expected. Sync should mean sync. Not for Nokia, oh no. For Nokia, sync means copy. Every sync adds duplicates (real or ghost ones, I can’t figure it out).

Deleting an album on the PC side wiped the entire library. Luckily it went to the trash folder, so if and when I have time, I can try to restore it.

Stuff you deleted on the phone mysteriously reappears. Connecting it to a Mac by mistake loaded up MP3s from itunes.

This software is so bad, words fail me. The only good thing is that I haven’t bought any music on this “service” and now never will, but I did lose my money on the device. Good bye, Nokia.

Nokia X6: Nokia’s going out of business plan at work.

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