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Google Streetview cars in Bangalore

Just saw a Google streeview car mapping out a really narrow road behind our house. No logos or markings, just a black Scorpio with the camera system on the roof. (When the maps come out, the white Honda blocking their … Continue reading

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Android 2.3.3 update for the Nexus S

The whole point of getting the Nexus S was to for the updates. So when 2.3.3 came out, I updated as soon as possible. Since the OTA update wasn’t available, I found the build on the google server, and updated … Continue reading

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One week with the Nexus S.

I think I might like the iPhone 4, but since Jobs, in his infinite wisdom, refuses to sell it in India, or unlocked, or without a contract, I’ve done without one so far. I do have say that I did … Continue reading

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