Android 2.3.3 update for the Nexus S

The whole point of getting the Nexus S was to for the updates. So when 2.3.3 came out, I updated as soon as possible. Since the OTA update wasn’t available, I found the build on the google server, and updated manually.

I’ve done one OTA update earlier, and it was extremely simple and worked flawlessly. Never really liked the Apple IOS way of doing everything over USB.

But a manual Android update is a throwback to the days of Lunix. After copying the update to the sdcard filesystem, you need to put the phone into some kind of recovery/developer mode by rebooting, and keeping the Volume Up and Power buttons pressed at the same time. (Note that some websites will say Volume Down, but that’s wrong for the Nexus S.)

After that you have to scrolll through a couple of screens, select the update file and let the phone do its thing.

Flawless again. But.

1. The screen seems dimmer. There’s been some wailing and gnashing of teeth on this aspect on some sites, but I don’t mind the change.

2. Swype broke. Haven’t bothered to reinstall, but apparently that should fix it.

3. Google Books vanished and refuses to be found again in the Market App. A region thing, I guess.

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