Third app (kind of) in the App Store, all in the first attempt (kind of).

We just got our third app (KeepAndBeep Pro) into the app store. It’s a slightly more capable version of KeepAndBeep Lite, with 8 slots instead of 2, and a few more usability tweaks.

So far each app has been approved in the first attempt, thanks to extensive testing on simulators, various devices and keeping the UI as simple as possible. Although this last app did have a bit of churn, with the reviewer asking for a demo video which took us a couple of days to put together.

Apart from what we’ve learnt from the App Store process itself, I’ve learnt a couple of other things which are obvious in hindsight. 

The last two apps are little non intuitive for people who’ve grown up without landlines. 

The idea for KeepAndBeep came from a very simple frustration. Dialling credit card numbers accurately on a cell phone is hard. You have to keep flipping back and forth between the speaker phone and the keypad. Touch screens just make it slightly worse. 

I’ve always preferred dialling bank and other companies customer care from landlines, but even then making a single mistake can get you kicked off the line, and you have to waste more time and effort dialling again. I always wanted the ability to keep the credit card numbers in my phone and beep them out to the landline when required. So we built it.

The usage seemed obvious to me, but I found I had to explain it to younger folks who use only cellphones!

Hence the video – thanks to the anonymous App Store reviewer.


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