In which I smash my iPhone 4s, buy an iPhone 6 and roll back to 4s

I have had an iPhone 4s since it came out. It survived multiple minor drops, spent time in my pockets in the company of car keys, and coins, with nary a scratch.

And then one day, while walking the dog, and not paying attention to the neighbour’s cat, or my dog, it flew out of my pocket and, guess what, big surprise, the screen broke. Here lies iPhone 4s, victim of the latest cat and dog brawl.

I hated the 5s when it came out, and refused to upgrade. Now the choice is the iPhone 6 (useful for serving two cups of coffee) or the iPhone 6 Plus (useful for serving breakfast as well.)

Ordered the 6 online. Man, this thing is expensive. Man, they don’t have a 32Gb version. Man, the gold one is the only one in stock.

Hmm, that’s funny. When the wife wanted the gold 5s, she had to wait for a month. Oh well, who cares. After the 4s screen fiasco, this guy’s going to go into a case. Order a case as well, yes.

And then it arrives. Something which Chandler Bing would have called from the “Armani House of Crap.” It’s gold. Not a decent subtle muted gold. It’s GOLD. With mysterious white go-faster lines on the back as well. I guess it’s a continuance of the 5s livery, but man, this thing is ugly next to the 4s, which I’m increasingly convinced will go down as the best iPhone ever made.

And the safety case? Joey would have ripped his own arm off just to hit that thing with it.

Just got the 4s replaced after paying the replacement charges. I’ll wait for a smaller iPhone  6s where the “s” stands for smaller, not Siri.

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