Video killed the radio star, IAP killed app prices

Back here on my yearly visit.

It’s a little funny that the second most recent post was about our IOS app, which is now quite, quite dead and unlikely to ever come back.

Not funny haha, but funny curious since I just saw this article on IAP and app prices.

From that article:

One of the most striking things you’ll notice when browsing the Top 200 Grossing apps is that they are virtually all offered as free downloads. In my survey, just three apps were paid apps upfront; Minecraft (#33, $6.99), Grindr (#95, $0.99), and Facetune (#183, $3.99). The other 197 apps were free to download.

Personally, I didn’t understand the whole “freemium” model. I also don’t understand why people pay huge amounts of money to buy an iPhone, and then have problems paying $1 to $20 for apps.

Speaking of which, I just paid $20 for Scrivener for IOS and am having a great time trying it out. I don’t know if it can spit out WordPress compatible posts, but let me see if I can figure it out.


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