Apple’s iMessage: When it’s good, it’s very good; when it’s bad, it’s very very bad.

Apple’s never been good at server side software. Remember MobileMe, which was so bad that it triggered a classic Steve Jobs’ rant?

iCloud was the replacement, but initially it wasn’t much better. The current incarnation has improved, but not to the point that it can replace Dropbox. (1Password and Scrivener are just so much better with Dropbox than iCloud.)

But iMessage is still a disaster, and has turned me off the iPhone once and for all.

When I got the iPhone 4s, and initially turned on iMessage it seemed to work well enough.

But not any more.

For the last 10 odd months – yes, you read that right, months – I’ve been charged for dozens of hidden text messages sent to a mysterious UK number + 44 7786205094. I’ve been on the phone with Apple and my service provider for hours. I’ve pinged AppleSupport on Twitter, who are so grotesquely unprofessional that they’re worth a rant of their own, but on second thought, Twitter breeds that kind of unprofessionalism.

Searching Apple’s forums and elsewhere shows that this is not an uncommon problem. The fixes suggested by hapless users and even Apple are so inane, that they remind me of the old joke on Microsoft.

And this is after using iMessage on the 4s and 5s for years, suddenly it decides not to work, but also to become a massive revenue generator for my service provider.

So I guess it’s back to WhatsApp, despite the dubious connection to that privacy disaster known as Facebook. That’s how bad iMessage has become. The only thing worse that I can imagine is that OS X (sorry, macOS) driving me back to Windows. And not just Windows, but Windows 10, the Windows that common or garden malware looks up to emulate.

At least WhatsApp is cross platform, and Just Works (tm?), something that we used to say for Apple’s products. Sadly not any more.

Now onto convincing people to use Signal instead of WhatsApp and maybe things will become better.


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