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Apple’s iMessage: When it’s good, it’s very good; when it’s bad, it’s very very bad.

Apple’s never been good at server side software. Remember MobileMe, which was so bad that it triggered a classic Steve Jobs’ rant? iCloud was the replacement, but initially it wasn’t much better. The current incarnation has improved, but not to … Continue reading

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Video killed the radio star, IAP killed app prices

Back here on my yearly visit. It’s a little funny that the second most recent post was about our IOS app, which is now quite, quite dead and unlikely to ever come back. Not funny haha, but funny curious since … Continue reading

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In which I smash my iPhone 4s, buy an iPhone 6 and roll back to 4s

I have had an iPhone 4s since it came out. It survived multiple minor drops, spent time in my pockets in the company of car keys, and coins, with nary a scratch. And then one day, while walking the dog, … Continue reading

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Third app (kind of) in the App Store, all in the first attempt (kind of).

We just got our third app (KeepAndBeep Pro) into the app store. It’s a slightly more capable version of KeepAndBeep Lite, with 8 slots instead of 2, and a few more usability tweaks. So far each app has been approved … Continue reading

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Back to Windows Hell

After many many years, I just had to install Windows on a (thankfully) new machine. (Updating Windows on a working machine is a pleasure to only those who also like to shove spikes through their own cheeks.) This is on … Continue reading

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Free advice to job applicants

In no particular order: 1. Do not write stuff in your resume which you’ve “forgotten because it was a long time ago.” 2. Do not expect me to follow the format which some bozo has taught you. For example, I … Continue reading

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The First Thing You Should Do If Your Boss Changes

So you’ve been in the same role for a while, have established yourself in the company and everyone loves you. You’re a member of at least a few inner circles (don’t tell me your company doesn’t have them if you … Continue reading

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